Ok, you might need a lexicon to understand us. So here it is.

What's with the every 3 new moons publications?
Well, you know how hard it can be to make you do something. You procrastinate, especially if you don't have a boss, a client or a deadline. When it comes to publications, you can procrastinate forever. The writing and the most of the research only happens if you do it, otherwise I just doesn't happen. The human brain, especially Patricia's has a tendency to get too serious about things and then she procrastinates even more... Which doesn't help. So we thought giving ourselves silly looking deadlines would help in the process. Because telling each other that we have to meet the new moon deadline, helps making it fun instead of serious and scary.

Why do we tell about the weird looking deadline? Because if we don't meet it, people that like us are going to remind us about it and make us stick to our deadline. Making it silly, like new moonish, will create an emotional response that will make users memorise it and probably make jokes about it when they meet us. And we like that!

The publications can be a new book (or eBooks), un new case study, a new success analysis, a new theory.

Hope you will enjoy them, every 3 new moons. :-)

What's with the "when" and the "in" thing?
Well to help us keeping our editorial point of view, we have a rule on how to start writing a post. It has to go like this: "There is experience design, in "the name of the category", when "the name of the brand" does "that" and brings "that sort of benefit"...

That's it you know everything there is to know about our "when" and "in".