1) What do you mean by Design of experiences?

It's about putting together a strategy to have your audience feel emotions.

2) Why bother with having them feel emotions?

Well, because it's what make them LOOOVE or hate your brand, service, product. And because, it is what they will talk about to their friends and colleagues.

3) How your background in Internet Marketing and new technology helps?

That makes us good with technical stuff if we feel like it.

And also, after 10 years of observing how people behaved on the internet, seeing what worked and what would get people to talk about you et make links to your website. Patricia decided to create Kenazart Experience designers, because your product can be as good and sturdy as it gets, it has to be a little different, there has to be something visual to share. Otherwise, the product is pretty much ignored.

So, with our designing, we will make sure you get some online portability so you will get those links created to you regularly without having to do anything else.

4) How do you get your ideas?

In our popular products' page, we explain the process we go though, but it's mainly about research in figuring out human emotions equations. Patricia likes to write formulas about them. To get the concrete ideas out, you would have to give us your constrains and your goal. We love challenging questions like "how can we innovate in Education while using less real estate?". Those get the juice flowing.

We've noticed that concrete ideas come from inspiration, concepts we've seen somewhere else, so we make sure to keep a wide range of inspirational points (video games, movies, books, science, blogs, scientific publications, journeys abroad...).

We also like our solutions to be "green oriented" so we watch what green geeks do. To keep us on that edge.

5) Is experience design, a known profession?

Well, some people would say that we are a mix of scenography, experiential marketing, user experience, product designer. We like to call it experience design because it's only about :

  • designing: making a plan to create
  • experience: things or situations for your audience to live. In the sense, that we want them to feel emotions.

5,5) How much do you like your job?

Love it, watching those happy, surprised, puzzled faces. It is such a treat.

Spending time with our clients figuring out the best of them, feels great.

So what are your questions about Experience Design? We'll be happy to make it 6.5 questions for you.