Akoha.com webpage challenging me to offer a coffee to a friend or say thank you to someone for 150 karma points.

Having a little fun, accept missions from AKOHA

A few months back, if you played at Akoha, the website would challenge to call someone up for a coffee, or say a meaningful thank you to someone you know. If you completed those missions, you would win 150 karma points per mission. It was great, I loved it. It was during Christmas time, so after a while every time I said "Thank you" for something, my family would be wondering if I were fishing for karma points. :-)

Anyway, Akoha has slighly changed and I like the new missions they are offering right now!

Akoha missions that I have undertaken.

So, I've accepted a bunch of new missions. Complimenting someone on their shoes and ask for photo, should be fun! I'm probably going to have a great time in the metro wondering who I could ask!

For the Dollar for your though mission: I'd liked the put some money somewhere. I want to put it in a public space out of eye sight and see how long it's going to stay... hihihi.

The reward system

They've changed the point system for a, what seems random reward system. I wonder if it's because 'if...then' setups (conditionnals) kill natural drive once the if/then setup is not applied anymore. As explained by Dan Pink in its lastest book Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us. People that would normally do something without reward (eg. : kids drawing). If you take those kids and tell them "I'll give you a reward if you draw. Then they draw. But afterwards, they stop drawing. While the group of kids that were giving the reward while they did'nt know they were going to get one. Did carry on drawing when not asked to.

Here a free video podcast on iTunes where Dan Pink talks about the effects conditionnals have on drive.

Trophees I've won so far on Akoha website. Here are the 3 awards, I've won so far on Akoha. Veteran, Major Mojo and Take two. I wonder what's next :-)

I'm thinking of using this website as a reference in a school. I'll tell you about this when we've put it together.

And you, how are your karma points doing? Go to Akoha.com to try that out.