Platter of kinder eggs

The other day, I was giving a course at the IIM video game management MBA, and while they are all supposed to speak and write in English fluently, you could tell that some of them still found it difficult. Therefore whenever they were given the choice they would pass and write their report or do their presentation in French.

Instead of making it 'mandatory', I thought adding a little challenge would make it easier on them.

I said: "if you all do your presentation in English, you will all get a kinder egg, but if one person in your group doesn't, then none will get a kinder egg."

Why this twist? Well, I believe sometimes speaking in public in a secondary language can be difficult, mainly because you fear your peer’s judgement.

So instead of making it about being judged while speaking in English, I made it about group support while spoken in English.

Every time someone started their presentation speaking out English words, we'd all cheer. That was fun,... for me anyway.

2 groups out of 12 said they wouldn't have done it in English otherwise.