I teach, every now and again, a Law & copyrights program at the IIM a multimedia school that trains student to become multimedia project managers. They will work in video game production, advertisment and communication, 3D animations...

My goal was to have them ALL be careful about the images and music they would use in their productions as they all have a tendancy to take the first Google image content and ignore copyrights.

I knew that lectures are good, especially when they are filled with examples but are easily forgotten.

So I decided to create a mix of the socratic method and a good old game show.

Socratic method in Law School

I picked the bamboozle reference as it is difficult and physical.

I believe you can learn very difficult things very easily if it's fun. And moving your body actually helps in the memorizing process.

So I had the students, pick an elaborate question about copyright and multimedia, do research, write a post with the answers and write quiz questions about the material they had found. The official quiz questions were released for them to practise on. Here our 117 quiz questions about law and copyrights in multimedia (in French).

Some of the questions where :

  • is Patricia allowed to show YouTube videos of Friends extracts on her blog?
  • What are the 2 legal requirements that you have to put on every websites in France?
  • As a magazine can I use a photo published under Creative commons (cc-by) without telling the author?
  • ...

After 4 days of research and practice, we had our official Bamboozle game. Here is the receipe:

Gather a few trophies, a buzzer, a timer and your quiz cards.

Separate in class into teams. Put the buzzer between them. Get them to be the buzzperson in turns (to have them all moving).

first one to buzz gets their team to answer the question.

The first team that hits the buzzer gets to talk. When they are talking, the entire team, has to have one foot up. Otherwise the other team can "bamboozle" them and take their turn. Just by repeating the right answer, the second team gets the point.

See the action... they got a bonus by hopping while answering. Should the team do something creative while answering, they would get bonuses points. Those bonuses point get them to counter a bamboozle or get them 2 minutes on the web to research the answer.

This year, teams came up with various jumps, songs, little dances, air guitar...it was fun.

One foot up, even during their 2 online minutes.

The first team that reaches 10 points, wins. Their answer have to be argumented.

The second part of the game is the champion tournament. Have both team elect their "champion". The champions are asked flash questions. The answers of those flash questions can only be "Yes, go for it" or "No, that's in your dreams, darling." Champions, one-to-one.

Make sure, you give trophies, in a very pompous way, to all winners. Trophie time

Team Tac 2

Team spirit

Team Tic 1

Team Tac 3

Team Tic 2

I heard a student say : "the funny thing is that even if you don't want to learn that day, you learn anyway."

I wanted to thank the IIM for the support, especially Livia and Céline for the scotch tape. I also would like to thank all Tic Teams and all Tac Teams for their good spirit and energy.