Here is a pretty surprising video of what Power teaching of is all about.

In this video you can see a less scary and slower version of what Power teaching can be. I went along with the video, as if I were in the class, and I have to say it was pretty fun and beneficial.

If you read the first steps, you'll get the whys of it all

Here the benefits, I see :

  • The yes-class, get the class' willing attention.
  • The mirror gesture makes it surprisingly fun.
  • The teach-your-classmate, makes you repeat what has just been said. You listen differently after a few tries, as you know you're going to have to repeat it.
  • The gestures triggers kinetic memory to kick-in and help out the whole process.
  • The scoring system gives you an almost tangible technic to get the class to keep a tight line with what is expected.
There are plenty of other videos about Power Teaching on Youtube.
If I put together a try-out class in Paris, for consenting adults only, would you come?