Interview by Lucky Jean Noël Chaintreuil.

"Choose to be extraordinary and the rest will follow" Seth Godin.

In his last book, Linchpin, Seth Godin encourages us, to do more than what we are asked for. To choose to make the experience feel different and therefore create products and services that are worth more than customers paid for.

He argues, in this video (6:53) as well as in the book, that in order to leap into unbeaten tracks, probably more appropriate ones, we have to accept the fact that we might be laughed at. He adds, that our brain is hard wired to avoid being the source of ridicule. Therefore should we want to realize who we are, in our uniqueness, we have to face that reptilian brain of ours, because this is were the real foe resides.

And, I have to admin, I know what that feels like. :-)