Here a preview of my upcoming novel.

To me a novelist is the ultimate experience designer, out of the most commun technology, you can find out there these days, the author can get you to cry, laugh, feel heart broken, have you hope and fear... for a fictional character.

The other thing, I find amazing, is how one person can sometimes make such a big difference. It's not like a film, it doesn't take hundred of people and millions in budget to get the product to exist.

My research in how emotion emerge, has taken me into studying the anatomy of best-selling novels and blockbusters. One thing, leading to another, I thought, why not me, could I also create a whole new world, characters that you love, others that you hate, could I make people laugh, wonder, hope and fear for my characters... could I get people to trade a few nights sleeps for a fabulous adventure in another universe? Could I create a fiction that make you glad that you have a 5 hour train ride? Could I write a book that there is "no way" you are going to forget home?

Anyhow, I don't know if readers will feel all those emotions, but I do know that I really enjoy the proccess of writing it. It fascinates me how I'm starting to really love some of my characters.

The other day, I was re-reading the lastest chapter, conscious that I still hadn't written the rest. If I had turned the page, there was nothing to be read. Yet, I felt the urge, the compulsion to read what was coming next. Cool, hein? :-)

I sit down twice a day on my computer, with now the same desire... to find out what's coming next. I spend bus ride and any available minute of my time, creating metaphores and situations I could be using in my book.

I have challenged myself to write it in English. After Google define and translate for synonymes and spell checks, let me introduce you to my new friends:

Both of them, help me find the appropriate words, cultivate diversity amoung my vocabulary.

Having this project, makes me more aware of how others write. I feel like, just by having this project, I improve my writing skills. I have a nephew who is going to spend a few days with me on vacations, I'm going to try to have him write his own story. I bet his spelling is going to improve way faster than with normal class.

My other, best friend in this project is the website but I'll write a whole post describing how wonderful it's been to me. And for that website, I have to thank a tangible friend, Nathalie Magniez, the nut grinder of information.

My goal is to have it finished and edited by Sept 1st, 2010. Here is the official countdown: