Rory Sutherland, in this video, describes my dilemna when it comes to creating a new job title. And asks how we could call it.

Through a series of examples like those Virgin Atlantic Salt and Pepper Sets that everyone want to snitch at some point. They hold an inscription underneath that says "Stolen from Virgin Atlantic".

Lydmar Hotel, ambiance music buttons in the elevator

Or this other example of the elevator at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm that by choosing your floor, you also set the music ambiance.

He also gives an example of an NGO offering a kilo of lentils to every mother that brought her family to get an inoculation.

To him, should it be in marketing or NGO's, it's about putting small things together that can make a big difference, almost a butterfly effect.

He asked in his speech, how this job should be called. He comes up with Small detail officers, in the 190 comments, you can read 

- art,

- ingenuity,

- design,


- common sense,

CED (Chief Executive of Detail) ,

- anti-institution,

- elegance,

- butterflies.

Well, my new job description could be Emotional Leverage Officer

To him, small things are much more potent when it comes to marking your users memory.  And I agree. :-)