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when you first experience an iPad | Comments: 75

When you first experience an iPad, you turn it around, you say "hellloo" while putting it up to your ear, you play on car games turning around the iPad as if it was a steering wheel and bang, it hits you: you see a scratch on your screen.

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when Muse gets some to play and others to be dazzled | Comments: 23

You might ask yourself one day : "How can I have 50 000+ people potentially interact with one another?" Because who doesn't wonder! Muse at its concert in 2007 at the Parc des Princes in Paris, released dozens of inflatable balloons filled

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when Moo.com knows that it's exciting to receive new Moo cards | Comments: 47

Moo mini card are particularly well known among 2.0 crowds. Moo.co.uk has made its fame by allowing Flickr users to print out a variety of their Flickr photos on the back of their "I don't take myself to seriously business cards". The

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when Flickr greats their users in a different language every time they log on | Comments: 45

Originally Flickr was a chat room where you could share your pictures. Stories go that a real human being would great users personally whenever they'd log on. Flickr maintained the gene of unusual greeting by greeting their users in a different

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when the Hotel Bloom transforms every name tag into a surprise | Comments: 64

At the hotel Bloom in Brussels: Smile and Angel will great at the reception desk. Superman will be in charge of security. Myself will serve you a drink at the bar. Additional cost: 0 euro Client experience: 10. Meeting any employee makes it a

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