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when La Durée, Disney and Printemps get together to have shoppers immersed into Alice in Wonderland universe | Comments: 57

A La Durée ephemeral café is set up at the department store, Le Printemps on boulevard Haussmann in Paris. It is with great delight that shoppers can wind down immersed into the Alice in Wonderland universe. The film is to be out in Paris on March

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when Sephora plays it experiential | Comments: 16

Should you come to Paris, especially with young women, I highly recommend the Sephera on the Champs-Elysées. With years, they have been improving the number of experiences, you can have in the shop. A few years back, beauty technicians in charge of

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when SND nourishes the French Twilight Fans | Comments: 134

Out of nothing new, Snd, created last weekend a Twilight event. They did a pretty good job at making Twilight fan, even bigger Twilight fans. In charge of the distribution in France of the Twilight saga movies, SND organized at the Grand Rex in

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when the IIM have students play Bamboozle to learn law and copyrights in multimedia | Comments: 25

I teach, every now and again, a Law & copyrights program at the IIM a multimedia school that trains student to become multimedia project managers. They will work in video game production, advertisment and communication, 3D animations... My goal

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when Top Métiers'92 brings in some real experiences to seduce teenagers | Comments: 43

Top métier 92 is a fair where teenagers can meet professionnals to ask them questions about their jobs. This year, it was asked to make it as tangible and experientiel as possible. Here's a few examples of what kids could experience. Top Métiers'92

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when your cobbler offers you tea while you wait | Comments: 29

There is a shoe repair shop in Paris (17th) where they have a chair for you to use while you wait, bare feet, for your shoes. Everynow and again, if you go there with a girl friend, they will go the extra mile of offering you tea. Do you think,

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when a taxi makes you sing during the ride | Comments: 18

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