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when akoha and its karma points make you do things that eventually will make you happy | Comments: 73

Having a little fun, accept missions from AKOHA A few months back, if you played at Akoha, the website would challenge to call someone up for a coffee, or say a meaningful thank you to someone you know. If you completed those missions, you would win

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when Steve Jobs uses the power of series in his biannual show | Comments: 61

Fans of World of Warcraft know the date of the next release, fans of Harry Potter know when the next movie will be out, so does the fans of Twilight, fans of Muse know when their concert is and I feel that most marketo-geeks throughtout the world

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When Southwest airlines allow their steward(ess)es to express their creative skills | Comments: 30

When I got on an Southwest airlines, the stewardess sang a beautiful song that did'nt have anything to do with the business, and that was also nice. You'll find on YouTube several videos posted by what seems to be users showing their flight

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